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"Real Pit Southern BBQ with a Northern Touch"

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Located in the center of the Adirondack Mountains at the Snowy Mountain Inn
on Route 30 (6 mi. south of Route 28), Indian Lake, NY.  Also known as the
Indian Lake - Speculator Road or the Adirondack Trail Scenic Highway.

  We provide off premise catering for every type of function.
 Call for reservations, ordering, or prices.


    Dining Room at the Inn                                            BBQ Pork right out of the Pit, ready to "pull"

The Adirondack Smokehouse Barbecue Company serves "real pit southern barbecue with a northern touch."  This means using readily available northern Oak wood to create a light amount of smoke that enhances the specially blended spice rubs on each food product.  Our Oak smoked Prime Rib, Steaks, Chops, Lamb, Pork, Beef and Poultry are an outstanding taste experience.  We have a full menu of home cooking that includes fresh Seafood, Pasta dishes and homemade desserts. 

The Adirondack Smokehouse Barbecue Company is available for catering year round.  Even though we specialize in "Chicken & Ribs" BBQ and "Pig Roasts", we are full service caterers for off premise catering.

We have been in the catering business for over 30 years and have the knowledge and professional experience to handle any type of function, large or small.  Although we do many formal events each year, our specialty is for truly rewarding casual affairs that only a Steak Roast, Pig Roast, Chicken and Ribs BBQ or Clam Bake can provide.

After living and traveling in all of the southern states for many years, we gained the knowledge and experience to bring traditional southern BBQ back home to the Adirondacks.

Food is a common denominator in all parts of the world. If it tastes good, most people will like it regardless of their ethnic or regional background.  Northern people are no exception.  They love BBQ, even though they tend to associate it with "grilling".  Therefore, it wasn't really difficult to introduce them to open and closed pit barbecue cooking. Most people here don't have a problem with the  taste of wood smoke in their meats,  just as long as it isn't too strong.  There is also a vast difference between natural smoking and commercial production smoking.  Here at the Inn we do everything nice and easy and natural, using Oak wood harvested right here on the property.  Pecan wood is the sweetest and lightest flavor of southern pit cooking. The northern counterpart is Oak.

Also, if you are looking for a nice quiet place to stay in the mountains and enjoy some Real Pit Southern BBQ, the Snowy Mountain Inn is for you.  Check out our lodging info and Moose activity while at this site.  

Please note that the Indian Lake area is known as the Moose Capital of the Adirondacks.

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Map and Directions

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